Bring in the New Year with Ford


Ford have a big new model line up in 2015 and to celebrate, have teamed up with the City of Sydney to ring in the New Year with a bang.

As an associate partner for this year’s Sydney New Year’s Eve, Ford is pulling out the party favours with all our favourite Aussie music entertainment along with an iconic Mustang to entertain the crowd at key Sydney Harbour vantage points.

The Mustang and music will be centre stage at the world’s most spectacular New Year’s Eve event attended by 1.6 million people and viewed by more than a billion globally. Now that's some mighty fine product placement.

“The theme for  2014 Sydney New Year’s Eve is ‘Inspire,’ which is a perfect fit for the future of our brand – especially with the arrival of Mustang as people see the car as a way to explore their dreams and the freedom of the open road,” said Bob Graziano, Ford of Australia President and CEO.

It's a matter of out with the old and in with the new in 2015 as the company plans to refresh its entire line-up by 2017. In addition to the new Mustang, the new vehicles include:

2015 Ford Mondeo:

The all-new, stylish and technologically advanced Mondeo mid-size sedan arrives early in 2015.  The new Mondeo will feature at least 10 advanced not available on the Camry, including a diesel model that will be more fuel efficient than Camry Hybrid.

2015 Ford Kuga:

The newly launched Ford Kuga will be freshened in early 2015 with new EcoBoost technology available, including the 2-litre EcoBoost engine on high series which offers more power than Toyota’s RAV-4. 2015.

Ford Focus:

A freshened version of the popular car nameplate arrives in the middle of the year and will include a refreshed performance model of the Focus ST. 2015.

Ford Everest:

The Australian designed and engineered Everest is a technologically advanced, stunningly capable and refined seven-seat SUV that will be launched in 2015.

2015 Ford Ranger:

A freshened version of the tough, capable and Australian-created Ranger will arrive in 2015 to build on its momentum after cutting Toyota Hilux’s sales lead by 38 per cent since 2011.

And there's even more to get excited about with Ford giving you the chance to enter to win tickets to the New Years party. Starting tomorrow, fans are invited to head to the Ford Australia Facebook page and share their most adventurous New Year’s resolutions by uploading a photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FordNYE to win.

Three winners will receive flights, accommodation, and exclusive tickets for themselves and three friends at the coveted location, one of the best vantage spots to watch Sydney’s New Year’s Eve.

In addition, one grand prize winner will also win the chance to help make his or her adventurous resolution come true2. Entries close December 18. Australians are also encouraged to follow all the action from the evening by following #FordNYE and #SydNYE.

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The gorgeous Elle Dawe

Elle Dawe Interview

Just in time for Australia Day, we interviewed loveable Houso actress, the gorgeous Elle Dawe.

Let's face it, in Houso's she's a total scrubber. But boy, does she scrubb up well in real life!

Elle is a girl going place, albiet wearing ugg-boots and swearing like a trooper. But who knew she fiercely loves the 80's, Will Ferrell and her boyfriend, who she loves to pash at the traffic lights?

We adore Elle because, let's face it, we've never met a bogan we haven't liked…

Last time you put your pedal to the metal?

This morning to get up a hill!

Ever kissed in a car?

Yes! My boyfriend... Usually at the traffic lights.

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Austen Tayshus

Subaru gets its Aussie on

For all those who love the 80's (and can remember them) comes a cracker of a new car ad from Subaru.

Leave bringing sexy back to Justin; Aussie legends Billy Birmingham (The 12th Man) and Austen Tayshus have reunited for the first time since 1983 to bring the Aussie outback, well, back.

For those whose memory is fading (or who weren't even yet born), Austen Tayshus was the creator of a pun-laden comedy piece set around a typical Aussie backyard BBQ. You would seriously have been living under Ayers Rock not to have heard it; Austen Tayshus was a massive hit at the time and was as Aussie as a slab of beer and a pair of thongs. The laugh-fest was played everywhere on the radio for what seemed like eternity - it was 13 weeks at #1 on the Aria Single chart in summer of 83 and became Australia's highest grossing single of ALL.TIME.

So why make like Farnsy with this Austen Tayshus revival? According to Subaru Australia General Manager Marketing, Andrew Caie, the Subaru Outback's rich and proud Australian history made it the perfect fit for the collaboration with Billy.

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Whitney Port is a guest of Jeep Australia

Whitney Port heads to Australia for Jeep Event

Whitney Port and hubby Tim Roseman are heading down under to will join the celebrity-packed guest list in the exclusive Jeep Portsea Polo marquee this Saturday.

Already one of Australia’s most sought-after tickets, the Jeep marquee is the place to be at the 2015 Jeep Portsea Polo event.

Other celeb attendees of the Jeep Grille include Harry and Sheree Kewell, Frances Abbott, Eddie and Carla McGuire, Gyton Grantley, Montana Cox, Laurina Fleure, Gamble Breaux, Lydia Schiavello, Pettifleur Berenger, Gina Liano, Janet Roach, Josh Gibson, Mick Molloy, Olympia Valance and Darren and Deanne Jolly.

According to Lucy McLellan, FCA Australia’s Director of Corporate Communications, Whitney Port is a perfect fit for the Jeep brand.

“Whitney Port and the Jeep brand have plenty in common – design-focused, adventurous and both with American DNA.

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The divine J-Mo

Cars Confidential

Jonathon Moran is The Daily and Sunday Telegraph News Editor and Entertainment slash Confidential Columnist, a Radio Host for NOVA and is a Morning Show regular. Phew! More affectionately known as J-Mo, this is a man who loves his new Jeep just as much as 80's tunes, rainbows and interviewing the rich and famous.

Why a Jeep?

I have always wanted a Jeep, it's something I've wanted since I was a kid but they were too expensive and essentially out of my reach. My first car was a second-hand 1988 Ford Laser that I shared with my twin sister throughout Year 12.

I recently upped my mortgage to do some renovations and added some extra to splash out and buy the Jeep I've always wanted. I started my hunt for a Jeep Wrangler, something big and chunky like the toy trucks we all played with as kids. I'm not a bush basher type of guy but I'd like to think I'd be out there with the best of them if I wanted to and this was my chance (realistically I'd have driven it around the city and bush bashing would be far from the agenda).

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Madonna (and her squoobs) Make a Comeback


The Queen of reinvention strikes again

The Queen of reinvention strikes again

advertisement ^

Madonna had us worried for a while there. The world went Gaga and our favourite Material Girl seemed to slink back into the shadows. Nobody had heard ‘boo’ from her and now suddenly, she’s everywhere! She’s winning a Golden Globe (but not winning any popularity contests for those unseemly squoobs), she’s directed an acclaimed film, ‘W.E.’ and now she’s adding another album to her discography of dance hits.

MDMA (a naughty reference to the party drug of dirty dance floors) is due for release on March 26th and is sure to push boundaries even Gaga hasn’t thought of. And that's really saying something. The first single, ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ will hit airwaves February 4th and features pop protégé Nicki Minaj (think Madonna meets a bubble gum machine) and M.I.A. It’s catchy (if not a bit too catchy) and certainly proves why Madge is still the undisputable Queen of Pop.

The music video for ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ airs live on American Idol on February 3 and is sure to go viral sooner. The clip features a football and cheerleader theme, a nod to Madonna’s Half Time Entertainment hot spot at the upcoming Super Bowl. As long as she doesn’t pull a Janet Jackson ‘wardrobe malfunction’ we’ll be happy. We’ve seen enough of Madge's squoobs for one comeback, thanks.


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