Review of Mad Max Fury Road


After the release of 1985's Mad Max Beyond ThunderDome it looked as though our beloved Aussie blockbuster franchise had been brought to a screeching halt by a mix-mash of kid-friendly themes, a distinct lack of the car chases and rich atmosphere present in the first two films, and of course, Tina Turner. But 30 years later here is the much anticipated followup/reboot. How does it hold up?

Well, the car chases are back, and the movie will not give you a chance to forget it. If you want the short version of this review and just want to know whether you’d like it then you need only ask yourself two questions: 1. Do you like car chases? 2. Is having an in-depth storyline in a movie totally overrated? If your answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes, then you will have an absolute blast with Mad Max. If not, you may walk out feeling a little unsatisfied.

Tom Hardy, filling the dusty boots of Mel Gibson in the franchise that made him a star, is decent, but is hardly seen at all. This movie belongs to Charlize Theron, playing the madly determined Furiosa, who has enough character and dialogue to get you through the incessant crashes and explosions. To talk about the story would be a misrepresentation of the film, as it barely has one, acting as merely a string of excuses to get the protagonists from one ear splitting, stunt filled chase to the next.

The chases, however, and the cinematography in general, are absolutely spectacular. The stunts are almost all done without any computer trickery, and they just looks awesome, truly captivating to watch. The post-apocalyptic future is equally stunning to look at, but despite its cinematographic and stunt prowess, the lack of story really is quite distracting.

The movie is entertaining, but it doesn’t give itself room to breathe. It’s action packed, and it’s astounding action at that…but is there too much of a good thing? Probably. There is, however, still some spectacle to behold in the explosive return to the world of George Miller’s Mad Max Franchise.

*** stars.

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The Women in Motorcycling Awards

With our very own Car of the Year Awards for women just around the corner, seems we aren't the only chicks with their own awards agenda.

The FIM Women in Motorcycling Awards celebrates those women who have significantly contributed to improving and developing the presence of women in all motorcycling-related areas and encouraged greater awareness of women in motorcycling.

The FIM has an impressive line up of judges who will be deciding this award including -

The Award jury will include four permanent members plus the FIM woman legend of the current year.

“To have such a high level jury is a great honour for us. I am delighted to see that everybody is so genuinely interested in this subject and understand how important it is for the whole industry to get more women into motorcycling.

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The brand new XC90

The Brand New Volvo XC90

This week we were invited to Canberra to meet the new 2015 Volvo XC90.

For those in the market for a new car and if safety is top of the list of deal breakers, we can safely say this very well could be your next new ride.

This car is seriously a 'mummy-mobile' if we ever met one. Not only is the XC90 a car not only a mother could love (Dad won't be embarrassed to get behind the wheel - in saying its a womans car, it's not overtly feminine), the XC90 is classy, sporty, reliable and practical, a smart SUV to suit all the family. It's our bet however it will be the Mums that will be won over at the dealerships.

With mothers Australia-wide lamenting their lives as a constant taxi-service, they may as well do it in luxury and with safety in mind. To that end, the interior of the XC90 is luscious and spacious, with the technology A1. The dash is impressive and up-to-date with an iPad swipe style touch pad and a widescreen digital driver display allowing you to navigate and see and manouver all tools and gadgets easily.

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Pick a lane, idiot!

New Site Gives Road Rage Relief

We're all familiar with that feeling of complete frustration and agro when encountering an idiot driver.

From speeding, being tailgated or cut off; our middle finger or yelling profanities seemed to be the only way to let out your frustration in the traffic. Until now, that is.

Introducing, a website dedicated to outing bad drivers.

With the prevalence of dashcams and iPhones, thousands are flocking to the website to upload their frustrations and out offenders by uploading footage of drivers pulling dick moves on the road.

According to Nadav Golombick, the road shaming site in fact has a serious side, aiming to improve the state of drivers on the road, deterring drivers from not only offending but also increasing awareness of the dangers of various road offences.

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The uber cool BOOM BAG

Take your Music to the Streets with BOOM BAG

Only children of the 80's will remember the joy of the ghetto blaster, aka the Boom Box.

What made these audio jam blasters so darned cool was that - unlike your CASIO AM/FM stereo cassette player - although you were wired for sound, you couldn't share your Culture Club, Brian Ferry, Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran with the rest of your party peeps at the party.

Fast forward a few decades and although our iPhones are hitting the sweet spot, once again we're limited when it comes to sharing our playlists with the masses; unless, that is, you happen to be carrying some portable speakers and a very big bag.

Cleverly combining portable speakers, a very big bag and your iPhone with all your tunes at the ready is the BOOM BAG by Senor Funkstar.

Dreamed of by three Australian friends in between drinks whilst on a European vacation, the BOOM BAG allows you to pack your gear and take your audio anywhere in retro style - the hood, the beach, the streets, the grassy knoll at Bondi. Wherever the party takes you, my friend.

We know you're psyched to riff with Señor Funkstar, so head on over to immediately before summer hits to ensure you hear your summer hits. Out loud, that is. BOOM.

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